A baptism with flower

Exciting shoot this week for the 500th anniversary of the tide mill in Rupelmonde. My idea: A baptism with flower instead of champagne. Many thanks to the friends of the fire department for the flower […]

Expo DiANAS until 20/03

The series DiANAS is exhibited in the most beautiful flower shop of Mechelen “De Borght” & “Stassart 11” till spring. The pictures hang between the flowers and decorations, a perfect place for the DiANAS.   […]

Expo animalcoholics. until 08/01

animalcoholics. challenges me to reflect on alcohol as a socially accepted drug and its position in modern society. I created a large surrealist panorama in which I take alcohol out of its natural context. I […]

barite editioned prints

barite editioned prints are now for sale of M-LIFE (abandoned painting) I created with Klaartje Galle for M Museum. The majority of the profit will be donated to the M-Life fund to help guarantee the […]