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I’m very proud to present to you my book, published by Lannoo. ‘The Sweetest Taboo’ presents 5 series. It shows the images in full but also zooms in on the details, as they are an important feature of the work and define my photographic style. There’s also a case study that gives an insight into the methodology, meticulous research and exhaustive preparation.

Order: https://www.lannoo.be/nl/sweetest-taboo



Professor Patrick Baert (University of Cambridge) wrote an interesting essay on taboos especially for the book and the preface is written by curator and writer Alison Nordström. Other texts by Sofie Crabbé, Jan Van Woensel and Kung-Gene Chu. 

The title refers to the common theme that runs through the projects and to the contrast of the refined images and the subject matter at hand. The aesthetics may fool the viewer at the first, but when he notices what’s really going on, he’ll look even more attentively.


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