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Walking trough walls

Walking through walls CATEGORY: SCENERY CLIENT: M MUSEUM Creatives: Klaartje Galle & Wim Provoost H&MU: An Graré Actor: Tom Viane Styling: Sophie Pillen[…]

Hairy beauty shoot

Hairy beauty shoot CATEGORY: magazines CLIENT: De standaard magazine BEAUTY XL H&MU Kim Printemps H&MU ASSISTANT Alexe Matthijs MODELS Josephine-Charlotte[…]

Smoke Alert

Smoke Alert CATEGORY: magazines CLIENT: De standaard magazine LUXE XL Mysterious fog and sparkling water bubbles contribute splendidly to the most mystical summer[…]

the tide mil

Exciting shoot for the 500th anniversary of the tide mill in Rupelmonde. A baptism with flour instead of champagne.

Sorry, cat

Environment, Brussels CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Environment, Brussels Sorry, cat. You can’t get away with it. A campaign to inform people to sterilize their[…]


ANIMALCOHOLICS CATEGORY: ART A drunken rooster, an intoxicated owl, a slewed sheep and an inebriated chicken. These are just a few examples of the animal forest[…]



Sensitive to light

Sensitive to light CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Mortierbrigade – Modular The concept was very clear from the start. We would work with albino models and[…]


Klarafy CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Famous – Radio Klara I shot this portrait of Beethoven, eeuh I mean Daan Stuyven. Happy to contribute to this really[…]

4 elements

4 elements CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: CAMPAIGN FOR CITY MECHELEN agency: Absoluut photography: Frieke Janssens assistant: Sander Muylaert & Tamara Deridder[…]

DSM Kids

DSM Kids CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: De Standaard Magazine Finally did it! Shot in one of my all-time favorite locations, The Ursulineninstituut, an art nouveau[…]

Indian Summers

Indian Summers CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Channel 4

Jacko Bond

Jacko Bond CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Album For the cover art for JackoBond’s latest album, “Ik Tel Tot Tien,” I created a striking image with my unique[…]

Great expectations

Great expectations CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: TBWA Zurich – Mc Donalds It’s a surprise for the children when they discover an apple in the Happy[…]

B&R 10years

CB&R 10years CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: The Friends Two very good friends decided to give a big party, to celebrate their 10 years together. They made a[…]


THE WORLD OF REMEMBRANCE CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Museum M Today I will take part in the opening of museum M’s newest exhibition ‘de wereld van[…]

Salad of the day

Salad of the day CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: De Standaard Magazine SALAD OF THE DAY, the new magazine series for De Standaard Magazine food edition. Thanks to a[…]

Hairy fashion shoot

Hairy fashion shoot CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: Weekend Knack Magazine styling: Ilja De Weerdt h&mu: An Graré assistents: Lucas Despriet & Tysje Severens[…]


DIANAS, A SERIES ABOUT SINGLE WOMEN CATEGORY: Art Work Having built a solid reputation in staged, concept-driven photography, in her new series Frieke Janssens[…]

Chalk Boys

Chalk Boys CATEGORY: Art Work CLIENT: The Art of Giving (TAG) foundation The Art of Giving (TAG) foundation support after school education for unprivileged[…]


Touring CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Touring, TBWA BRUSSELS In this day and age, one can zip from country to country in a few hours. With so much travel, things can[…]


S.PA CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: S.PA, Boondoggle In this work for SP.A, I take the idea of children as adults, but in an entirely different way than in my earlier[…]


Era CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Era Immo


Stromae CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Stromae Fashion shoot for Stromae’s clothing collection ‘CAPSULE MOSAERT’. The unisex collection is definded by[…]

Indian Summers

Indian Summers CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Channel 4 I was pleased to shoot the POSTERS for CHANNEL 4 newest epic drama series INDIAN SUMMERS. Client: 4creative[…]


BACK TO SCHOOL ON A HORSE CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: Knack Weekend magazine Styling: Ilja De Weerdt Production: Ilja & me Assistants: Joeri Vanhamel &[…]


Voltaire CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Jan Snoekx A film by Jan Snoekx. “Best Animated Short”, SITGES International Fantasy Film Festival, Spain.[…]


HAMLET SYMPHONY CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Toneelhuis 2013 – 2014 directed by Mokhallad Rasem Producton: Mien Muys Assistants: Ella Dedulle & Ruben[…]


Renault CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Renault, Publicis Conseil, Paris You don’t become a great craftsman by accident. I didn’t get to where I am now without a lot of[…]


ABKE HARING CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis 2013-2014 BENJAMIN VERDONCK CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis 2013-2014 GUY CASSIERS CATEGORY: portraits[…]

Chez Albert

Chez Albertje CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Flerub I created this photo for an authentic waffle shop in the heart of Bruges, referring to an iconic ‘selfie’ of Jan[…]


Volkswagen CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: DDB


Quickstep CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: darw!n, Quick-Step Client: Quick-Step – Stijn Heytens Creative Director: Guido Goffeau Creatief team: Bart Welkenhuysen,[…]


Toneelhuis CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis

The busts

The busts CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Toneelhuis Written by Karen Chin @ BRANSCH BRANSCH artist Frieke Janssens photographed the Toneelhuis theater group in a[…]

Your last shot

Your last shot CATEGORY: Art work No one likes to think about their own death. And especially not about the photo they will be remembered by on their grave.[…]


Stubhub CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Duncan/Channon, San Francisco I worked with San Francisco agency Duncan/Channon to create the first national print campaign for[…]


Renault CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Renault


Nestea CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Wieden + Kennedy – London Ad campaign for Nestea

De Morgen

De Morgen CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: De Morgen – Famous Ad campaign for De Morgen


INSULATION PREMIUMS CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Vlaams Energie Agentschap A campaign that reminds people that the government issues heat insulation premiums, so[…]

Theater aan zee

Theater aan zee CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Theater aan zee Campaign image for posters and covers


gaia CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Gaia – Famous JCVD is known for his muscles, but less for his love for animals. Did you know that he has several disabled[…]

Smoking Kids

Smoking Kids CATEGORY: Art Work A YouTube video of a chainsmoking Indonesian toddler inspired me to create this series, “Smoking Kids”. The video[…]


Lexware CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Lexware, Reinsclassen Ad campaign


THE TABLE OF FC BERGMAN CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: de theatermaker Written by Karen Chin at BRANSCH NY: BRANSCH photographer Frieke Janssens took a portrait of FC[…]


Candico CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Candico, Euro RSCG A character of finesse. Candico. All the finesse of roughness. Executive Creative Director: Dominique van[…]


BNP PARIBAS CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Publicis conseil, Paris Ad campaign for BNP Paribas


WE’RE ALL CANNIBALS CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Eddy Merckx Cycles An ad campaign for Eddy Merckx bicycles by advertising agency ‘Stronger’. Top athletes[…]

200 Years

200 Years CATEGORY: Art work


Volkswagen CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: Volkswagen, DDB Brussels Ad campaign for Volkswagen.


ING CATEGORY: Scenery CLIENT: ING Ad campaign for ING.


Renault CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Renault Ad campaign for Renault


MISS PENNY CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: ING – Euro RSCG Brussels Ad campaign for ING.


Gaia CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: Gaia, Duval Guillaume Ad campaign for Gaia.

City of Warsaw

City of Warsaw CATEGORY: portraits CLIENT: City of Warsaw This is one of the jobs that made me grateful for being a photographer. I was honoured that Marcin[…]

De Standaard Magazine

De Standaard Magazine CATEGORY: Magazine CLIENT: De Standaard Magazine

The Intoxicated

The Intoxicated CATEGORY: Art work My aim was to make drunk portraits out of the context of a bar. I was looking for nuanced, honest emotions – without the[…]