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Typhanie got cancer in 2021 and posed very sereen and strong for this film. Even when she had to go back to when she lost all her hair.  Support scientific research on, so many[…]

back to school

A part of Belgian kids can return to school today. Keeping a safe distance from each other won’t be easy. Maybe this could help?  


Stay inside your cocoon. I made this work for Abke’s performance ‘Trainer’ at Toneelhuis.


Stay save everybody, we’re all in it together. Image shot in 2004 for newspaper ‘De Standaard’

My book at De Donkere Kamer

On October 26th I’ll present my book ‘The Sweetest taboo’ for the very first time at De Donkere Kamer at C-mine, Genk. I will talk about my work with moderators Anna Luyten and Frank Raes[…]