CATEGORY: portraits
CLIENT: Gaia – Famous

JCVD is known for his muscles, but less for his love for animals. Did you know that he has several disabled dogs? There’s even one in a wheel chair. In this Gaia campaign against fur he holds a skinned mink like a baby. Of course no animals were harmed during the shoot but he was holding a piece of fabric the size of a real mink. Afterwards a picture of a dead mink was added. This picture was taken by Gaia during an action in which they emptied trash cans of fur factories and found dead animals. The JCVD photo was shot in 15 minutes at the Sofitel Hotel in Brussels, a personal record 🙂 It was also a nice opportunity to portray Jean Claude’s lovely wife Gladys Portuges and Michel Vandenbosch, one of the founders of Gaia.