The Sweetest Taboo

Proud to announce my very own book is coming, called ’the sweetest taboo’ available from October 2017. I consider it an exposition on paper. In a book, my work can be shown to full advantage. On top of that, a book offers the opportunity to reach a different audience #lannoo #booksbymarked

Death, smoking, alcohol, … Where does my fascination with taboos come from? It is sometimes claimed that there are no taboos left. I do not agree with the statement. When I read that some countries banned the Beauty and the Beast because there is a ten second scene in which two men dance with each other, I seriously question the reactionary turn our society is taking. I want to put that message across in my work. I believe an image should be aesthetically pleasing, initially. But when you look at it for longer, you should be confronted with a second layer which is less beautiful. I don’t want to shock just for the sake of shocking, but I do believe in having a strong message.


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