For this series I asked couples to put their original wedding dresses and suits back on. Not that easy. A lot of people I asked didn’t have them anymore. Or really couldn’t fit in them anymore. It could have resulted in funny pictures, but that wasn’t were I was looking for. First it’s about the changing fashion, but also about intimacy and love.
I wanted the portraits to look official, something you do no’t see very often anymore. My inspiration is August Sander, my first big photography love. But also the hidden gem Norbert Ghuisoland.
It was no’t so easy for the couples to find a picture in which they are posing static. It seems that official portraits of big events are something from the past. One of the couples only had 1 wedding picture. With their son in between them. The guy that should have taken the pictures, forgot to bring his camera to their wedding. That’s why I brought the son back in. He received his own wedding ring at that moment, but he lost it immediately.
August Sander was a pioneer with his huge project ‘Menschen der 20 Jahrhundert’. He divided his subjects regarding their jobs and social background. Ghuisoland portayed people in studios at important moments in their lives.


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