written by Karen Chin @ BRANSCH

BRANSCH photographer Frieke Janssens took a portrait of FC Bergman Group, a daring, experimental theatre troupe from Antwerp, Belgium. This multi-layered portrait will be featured in a book by “d e t h e a t e r m a k e r,” an organization that helps young theatre artists to realize their projects. All together, the panoramic portrait depicts a variety of performances from their start until now with the actors capturing their personages in each tableau.
Frieke: ‘When you look very carefully, you can see that the same actors are playing different parts in the scene. Just like in their real work. An actor is never ‘one person’. Each of them exists out of many different characters. I had to keep my mind to it, because all the different elements had to fit perfectly’
This portrait was taken in nine installments in the studio, while the beautiful French Alps in the background was photographed separately.
According to Frieke, things got a little risque when it came time to shoot the fireblower in the center of this image. Let’s just say that his help for getting into the moment shocked our photographer, and even the seasoned actors in the room who thought they had seen it all.

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