My aim was to make portraits with honest emotions – without the self-control and self-consciousness people usually exhibit when posing in front of a camera. In these photos, this was accomplished through alcohol. People are more honest when they are under the influence. Not only in what they say, but also in how they pose. With actual alcohol running through the subject’s veins, the contrast between the artificially lighted pictures and the honesty of the poses is the essence of this series.
This series changed my view on portraying people.
I’m not a very spontaneous photographer, I like static photography. I always prepare my shoots very carefully. Before every shot I know exactly how I want to portray someone, which angle, which light and which feeling I’m looking for. Knowing that I never can find the truth in a portrait. This changed when they were drunk.
It was new for me to lose control of my subjects. When I asked them to look to the left just a little, their heads would turn 90 degrees. And they were talking about everything to me. So it was difficult to concentrate, because there were lots of absurd situations.
Now I’m more conscious about how to photograph people, something I never gave much attention to before this series. I want to go deeper into this theme about the consciousness and unconsciousness in relation to photography.



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